At The Wish Pixies, we want to empower your kids to spread their wings and share their magic!

We want to hear their voice, revel in their creativity and grant their wishes of positivity for the world.

With our NEW 'Create Your Own Pixie' range, they can do all of this and more...

Confidence comes after


Child psychologists encourage action based methods to enhance self esteem. Thinking alone is not enough when it comes to learning the skill of confidence.

Just like anything that can be taught, confidence comes with practice. Every time a new skill is required, it's the trying + failing + learning that builds competence and when repeated = confidence.

By putting kids in charge of the creation of their own doll and by encouraging them to take part in artistic activity, we aim to uplift their feeling of competence by taking part in this super fun online experience!

Not only that, they can feel proud when they see their own name on the package, as the creator of the doll.

making it their


Making decisions is an important part of kids finding their own voice.

But some children struggle to make even the simplest of decisions because they don't trust their own judgement and then fret about making the wrong choice.

Guiding kids through this process by having them practice making small decisions, can help them feel more confident.

As the decision making process in the Create Your Own Pixie Doll range is simple, fun and rewarding, we aim to empower kids to feel enjoyment whilst making their own choices, thus making it a postive experience they are happy to repeat.

understanding their own


Compassion is a feeling of concern for others that goes beyond the self. Children are programmed from birth to be self focussed, as it's a necessary survival trait.

To learn how to feel empathy for others is important for children to be able to develop kindness, gratitude and happiness within themselves.

In our 'Create' collection, we have deliberately included a RANGE of charities to choose from - with the child in the driver's seat, it becomes their choice and therefore, thought and understanding about what motivates their compassion, is required.

Our chosen charities are both people and planet focussed, so they are able to have a voice in matters that they connect to most, and be able to do something about it.

After their doll arrives, it also acts as a reminder of their empathy and caring for years to come.

your doll supports

Australian Refugees

Each doll in the 'Create' range becomes a one-of-a-kind, which is then individually hand crafted with love and care, right here in Australia. Not only is this pretty rare in our modern world of mass produced goods (usually from China), but we wanted to take it even further...

Assembled Threads is an employment focussed social enterprise created particularly to help disadvantaged people from CALD communities (Culturally And Linguistically Diverse), many of whom are refugees.

The numerous hubs around Melbourne, focus on training and employing displaced people where diversity, respect for cultural traditions and flexiblilty in the workplace, are all embraced. Sustainable practices and fair wages apply to all areas of their operations.

You can feel proud that when you purchase a 'Create Doll', you are also supporting this important social enterprise and all the families it helps.

for the kids

By the kids!

We hope your children will love our new Create Your Own Pixie Doll collection! As this is an online activtity, we highly recommend that it is adult supervised, where children are guided but understand it's all about their own choices.

Each 'Create' collection is a LIMITED EDITION and therefore will only last for a short time before new designs become available.

This is where YOUR KIDS are encouraged to contribute to the creation of the next collection, by sending their designs to:

If we end up using part or all of your child's design, we will notify you by email and send you a 25% Discount Voucher to use on your next purchase. Your child's name will also appear online as a co-creator of their Pixie design!

We can't wait to see what they create...

Recommended for ages: 5+