It is our aim to provide positivity in everything we create, which is why we have chosen Assembled Threads as the maker of all the 'Create Your Own Pixie Dolls.'
Here's how your doll is sustaining this important social enterprise:


Helping support refugees through training, community and employment...
With 3 hubs now set up in different areas around Melbourne, Australia, chosen for their long term underemployment, people from disadvantaged backgrounds are trained, supported and offered sustainable employment.
Many have escaped terrible circumstances in their own countries and now have the opportunity to start afresh, in a nurturing environment which embraces their cultural diversity.
The team enjoy making beautiful products and love being able to use their artisan skills on unique projects such as the Create Your Own Pixie Doll.


I did a diploma of sewing in Syria, but when I finished the war started. When I sew I feel confident. I feel this is my skill.

At Assembled Threads, it feels like a family. Everybody is friendly. I would like to make my own business in the future. 

- Assembled Threads worker


Assembled Threads from Assembled Threads on Vimeo.



When you purchase from The Wish Pixies, you are supporting:

  • regulated fair pay
  • a quality Australian living standard for makers
  • safe work conditons
  • regulated environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • local industry, not offshore
  • high Australian standards in quality & safety

We know it's tempting to think of price first, especially with the burdens of our current economic climate. But the big picture is - our kids future & our planet cannot sustain the negative impact that the production of cheaply made goods create.

Thank you for your conscious choice.